Chargers At Broncos: Struggle For Division Supremacy

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Chargers At Broncos: Struggle For Division Supremacy

The San Diego Chargers have won three games in a row, including a remarkable win at Cincinnati last week. The Bengals were up 21-0 at one point, however the Chargers kept plugging away. The sport quickly tu...

It is week 11 in the NFL and the Chargers and Broncos are equally 7-2 in the AFC West. This week both leaders get at it in Denver. At stake is first place in the AFC West and perhaps the team title. Both of these groups can square off once again o-n December 10 in San Diego.

The San Diego Chargers have won three games in a line, including an extraordinary gain at Cincinnati a week ago. The Bengals were up 21-0 at one point, but the Chargers kept plugging away. Discover further on this affiliated website - Click here: - . The game quickly turned into an offensive shootout. I assume the defenses continued a tea break. The Chargers won the game 49-41.

While the success was a great one, I am somewhat concerned about the defense. They gave up 41 points. In addition they gave up 24 and 25 points in previous days towards the Rams and Brownsand 27 for the Chiefs. They are likely to face a stingy defense within the Broncos and the Charges defense must step-up.

The Broncos - have won two straight and six of the last eight. The only loss was a heartbreaker at home for the Colts34-31. While their defense is exceptional, their crime is leaving a little to be desired. They fled at Oakland the other day using a 17-13 victorycome on.

This may be a must-win for every single team. Both groups have a few tough activities ahead. They both play each other again and the Chiefs. Identify new info on our favorite related article directory - Visit this web page: - . Both have a number of each games also. Should people fancy to identify further about - , there are lots of databases people should consider investigating. But, they each have one hard game without a common opponent. The Broncos play at home from the Bengals. Meanwhile, the Chargers happen to be Seattle to face a difficult Seahawks staff at Qwest Field.

Whoever wins this game could have an one game advantageand that is planning to be very significant. Both these teams can complete with almost identical results the remainder of-the way.. Be taught new information on our favorite related essay by going to - .